Adamus Resources Limited Remains Committed to Sustainable Mining

At this year's West African Mining and Power Expo (WAMPEX), Mrs Angela List, the CEO of Nguvu Mining, the mother company that owns 90 per cent of Adamus Resources Limited, revealed that Adamus would maintain its commitment to enhance and prolong its operations thus, sustain jobs and remain an employer of choice both locally and globally.

Since its acquisition by the Nguvu Group in 2017, the life of Adamus’ Nzema mine has been extended through considerable investments in exploration and metallurgical work, thus circumventing the mine closure which was intended for 2019, and salvaging the workforce and communities from unemployment and its associated negative impacts.

Adamus currently employs more than 1200 people. 56.8 per cent from the host mining communities, 42.7 per cent from other regions in Ghana, and only 0.5 per cent ex-pats. Mrs List hinted that the company intends to increase its workforce from the host communities to 70 per cent.

The Nguvu Group CEO also highlighted how over recent years, Adamus has contributed to numerous Social Responsibility programs for the mining communities intending to empower the local people and improve their livelihood. From infrastructure development and scholarship for students to pursue higher education to training the communities, including women, on how to operate mining equipment.

Mrs List reiterated that Adamus would continue to maintain a strong relationship with the communities within its operations and provide the needed support to improve infrastructure and empower the youth through socio-economic programs that will help to relieve poverty and hardship in the communities.

The 16th WAMPEX

The West African Mining and Power Expo (WAMPEX) is an annual event supported by the Ghana Chamber of Mines aimed at attracting industry leaders across the globe to interact and do business.